The Meat Market
The Meat Market


The MeatMarket is a great online destination for publishing our Canadian and International work. It has proven to be a great networking source, not just for Judy Inc but for our artist’s alike. Canada has amazing talent and The MeatMarket is a terrific place to bring all that creativity together on one site.

Mitchell Young
Judy Inc

I’ve know Anna Goodson professionally for over 15 years, back when she was representing photographers and was not at all surprised to find out that she was the one behind The MeatMarket. What a great site for finding photography professionals internationally. As an Art Director who hires photographers all the time, its a great place I go to check out talent. Searching is quick and easy and I love that. I not only love the look and layout of the site but I love the name, The MeatMarket.

Tanya Watt
Art Director

I stumbled onto The MeatMarket site because I saw your ad with the lovely logo and fantastic name, I had to see what you were all about. I was so excited to discover it was an exclusive data base for photo professionals in ad/editorial only. Searching by location is essential and you’ve made that function super easy with such great talent options for our entire photo shoot production purposes. Glad I found you and hope to see more international members in the future.

Anna Goldwater Alexander
Photo Director
Dwell Media LLC
San Francisco, CA 94108

As a rental studio, we appreciate being able to showcase our space to a number of talented Canadian, and International artists. The work displayed is not only vast, but inspiring. With the help of Anna Goodson and The MEATMARKET, we’ve been able to become a part of such a creative online presence, and will continue to be…

Album Studio Rentals

The MeatMarket has been a great way to get my work out to wide audience of creatives. The weekly newsletter and constant social media updates make it hard to miss. That mixed with a website that is well designed and easy to navigate make the value of signing up a no-brainer for me.


I’ve been with The MeatMarket since day 1 and I plan to be there until the end of time. I’ve been with a handful of other photographer portals on the web and I must say there is not one other that offers a better bang for the buck. The folks at The MeatMarket seem to work overtime getting my work seen. From Facebook to twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and pinterest they share my most recent work everywhere. Not sure I could ask for anything more.


The MeatMarket has been a great way to reach new clients outside my network. I have seen a steady increase in traffic to my website following news updates, which have resulted in some valuable leads. I do use other emailer type marketing products, but definitely feel that passive marketing like MeatMarket is the way to keep an engaged audience.

Trevor Brady
Photographer to me is one of the best products for any professional who is ready to elevate their business and client list. When I first started shopping around for various online listings for my photography and video business S1 Studios Toronto I was quickly drawn towards because it is such a great utility for the commercial and fashion photography industry. One of the greatest assets of is that not only does it have an easy to use interface but Anna Goodson and her team are always available and ready to help. Partnering with is defiantly not a decision that I will begin to regret anytime soon.

Craig Samuel
Studio Director
S1 Studios Toronto

Anna Goodson has created a wonderful platform for artists and I am very proud to be part of it. I have embarked straight from the beginning, and I must admit that it is continuously surpassing my expectations. Anna’s dedication on improving the platform has increased not only its visibility but its efficiency in assisting its members in becoming part of the international photographic industry. Thank you Anna for your commitment and dedication!

Malina Corpadean

I have partnered with Anna Goodson at The MeatMarket to promote my 2 companies on the West Coast, THEY Representation and Sugar Studios, since its launch, and have had amazing results by landing direct bookings through our visibility on The MeatMarket.

Having promoted the photographers and artists I rep on other US photography promotional sites/books/events, I have decided to stay solely with The MeatMarket as I have had the best results there. Also I respect Anna’s integrity and passion for promoting the photographic industry within.

Gina Hole
THEY Representation – Photographer & Artist Agency

The MeatMarket remains on the cutting edge of the photography industry, thanks in large part to founder Anna Goodson’s constant innovation.

The MeatMarket has been an invaluable professional resource for me, leading to increased website traffic, bids, and shoots.

Thanks so much for everything,

Pooya Nabei Photography

Anna’s got a great vision for The MeatMarket and has executed brilliantly. MM has caught the eye of the best in the business and my work is getting great visibillity as a result.

Ewan Nicholson Photographer

It’s so refreshing to see someone in our biz helping artists and production not only share their talent and work, but being able to cross promote with one another on the beautiful canvas that you’ve created called The MeatMarket!

Both creatively driven and technically savvy, the site is a wonderful platform for me to not only showcase the work for which I’ve cast, but also to see that of so many fellow artists!! It’s a nice way to keep us all inspired and on the pulse of what great Canadian talent we produce! I truly look forward to your newsletters and love that you promote through social media as well! Excited to be a part of the MeatMarket family Anna 🙂

Bravo et bon travail ! 🙂


Matthew Morgan | C.D.C. | Casting Director
Morgan Casting Inc.

Now in my 3rd year with The Meatmarket, I still think it is one of the best venues around for showcasing one’s work.

Anna Goodson and her crew seem to work around the clock on my behalf…and the weekly newsletter alone is worth the price of admission.


David Ellingsen | Photographer

The MeatMarket is a great platform for the commercial and fashion photography industry. I have personally gotten work and several calls of interest from being on board. I am a producer and not a marketer and being on The MeatMarket has given me some great visibility. Thank you to The MeatMarket team for your commitment to our industry.