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In the old times, people used to take pictures with devices that are square shaped with an attached lens on the front. As years passed by, a lot of aspiring inventors developed the cameras from camera obscura to our DSLR cameras, to our smartphones with the best camera features.

The modern generation today uses camera a lot than the old times. With the rise of social media, everyday someone takes a picture and posts it in their personal accounts as a Facebook post, Instagram post, “my days” or other platforms that you could think of. Which only means that this generation has been granted easier access to cameras. In result, you will see a lot of photos with good quality that would make you think if it was taken by a professional photographer. Thus you would essentially ask, what does it take to capture shots with the best quality? What does it require for you to achieve it? How can I be a pro without a DSLR camera?

First off, your device does not necessarily need to be an iPhone, Samsung, or even the high end DSLR cameras. All you need is your phone. Nope, not just any phone. You should be looking for phones that has better camera features. Here’s a pro tip: choose phones that have high megapixels value. The higher, the better it will be. You can worry about editing apps later on.

So… What should you do to get the perfect photo?

The answer to that question generates less than a thousand results online. Yet here are a few things that you should remember.

  1. Ensure the camera lens are all clean.

The first thing that you need to do is to make this happen. You won’t want your lens to have unnecessary dirt that would be a hindrance to your perfect shot. Do not use cloth that would damage the lens.

  1. Do not use filter when taking a photo just yet

If you want to have a lot of options as you work, you may want to worry about that later on as you can always enhance your photo with the right applications. Working on with natural taken photos are a lot easier than working with already filtered ones. Even professional photographers will take a regular picture first and will enhance the picture later on.

  1. Lighting is the key

This does not necessarily mean that, “more light, the better”. Never. The lighting really depends on the setting and what photo are you looking to capture. Sometimes, the lighting is too bright and at times, too low. Thus, make sure you get the right photo and always adjust the lighting of your camera itself. You can always make use of the sun or any other light that you could think of as long as you can get the right photo.

  1. The background

The backdrop will always matter. If you do not want your photo to be a little messy, you may want to work on your background first. Moreover, you may not want to capture a distracting photo with a lot of objects behind. If your goal is to focus on the subject, make it standout by removing the distractions and probably enhancing the focus.

  1. You have to work it, pro

If your goal is to capture the best photo with the nicest angle, you may be required to lie down on the floor or with your stomach on the ground to get the nicest shot. Always remember that professional photographers always work on extreme poses to get the best angle for their shots.

  1. The settings

Your high megapixels is not just the needed feature. Your camera setting matters as well. In this aspect, the first thing that you need to use is the grid line as this helps you get the balance of your shot. The next thing is the resolution. At times, cameras will require you to choose the resolution. Pro tip: choose the highest one for best quality!

  1. No to zoom in

Regardless of high megapixels, you should not use zoom in as some cameras make your pictures blurry when you use this feature. If it would allow you, you can always get closer your subject. Always remember, work it like a pro!

  1. Focus, please

This is the common mistakes of some photographers- they would always forget to make sure that the subject is focused. This is easy to resolve as well. You can always do that one tap and have the best photo taken.

  1. Experiment, experiment and experiment

If you want to be a successful photographer, you can always invent and try to be creative at times. If your shot will require you a hundred shots, then do it! You can always try to explore your options for your unique and best photo ever.

Photography can be a lot of different things. More so, you cannot be a pro overnight. To achieve the best photo, you’ll have to get used to it and always remember these tips that you can always rely on.